Limited time promotion – Immunity packs

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt invincible? Sometimes, unfortunately, when life throws you a curve ball and disrupts your normal routine, nutrition is often the first thing to suffer.

To highlight the importance and show our continued dedication to your Elite Health, we are offering a special promotion for a limited time only! These two temporary product packs are available through April 13th.

Buy the V3 pack and a range of gels with Omega 3 and get a huge discount with full CV.

Immune Boost V3 PROMO

(1 ProArgi-9+ SSP, 1 Mistify, 1 PhytoLife)
70 CV  277.00 zł 

Immune Boost Gels + Omega 3 PROMO

(1 Essential Greens, 1 Mistify, 1 Vitazone, 1 Pro-MUN, 1 Omega-3)
180 CV  1,094.00 zł

Synergy’s V3 System is your support system. It’s a product line designed to preserve long-term wellness that carries you through all your body’s highs and lows. The system’s three products—Mistify, PhytoLife and ProArgi-9+—are pure, safe products that collectively support you and your Immune System.

The range of gels along with the brand new Omega-3, provide constant and powerful nutrition, and are presented in a unique application system, consisting of a gel matrix that clears all doubts about their proportion and preparation. Synergy gels are a fantastic complement to any diet you intend to achieve Elite Health with. Omega-3 capsules are highly potent and pure to provide your body with the plentiful benefits of natural fish oil.

Together, these products build, sustain and enhance your body’s performance levels. Each scientifically formulated product targets a vital system that contributes to your overall health, ultimately creating balance and long-term wellness.

With Synergy’s V3 and the combination of the gels and Omega 3, you can boost your Immune System and achieve a long-term state of well-being.

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